Why Your Business Should Choose Event Marketing

Why Your Business Should Choose Event Marketing

Consumers today are inundated with advertising, it’s on social media, in your emails, on television and radio and almost everywhere you look.  This makes it really hard for brands to actually connect with consumers, regardless of the platform they are using.  There are hundreds of other companies with the same message and everything just becomes noise.  But the ones that are successful are getting shared within social circles, online, through family and friends and of course word of mouth.

Consumers have gotten choosy and they won’t just share any old piece of content.  It needs to be engaging and it has to raise the bar when it comes to getting the attention of the average consumer.  One of the ways to really stand out and attract the right audience is through live event marketing.

Why your business should choose event marketing?

While the internet has changed the way we do advertising and marketing, one huge drawback is that the impact of digital advertising is so low and you’re barely remembered when asked by consumers.  The consumer may remember that you sell a product but they have no clue about the brand and could end up with a competitor.  Think about your own experiences online, do you remember the ads you have seen?  For the most part you don’t.  People will remember things when they have substantial experience with the product.  Here is a look at experiential marketing.

Making a Connection

If you want to make sure that you have a place in the minds of your consumers then you need to make a real connection.  You need impactful activities that ensures your audience knows who you are.  One of the best ways to do just that, is live and in person.  Let your audience know who you are, experience your products for themselves and have their questions answered by someone in the know.  While the internet has expanded your reach as a business exponentially, face to face marketing still serves a purpose and can work effectively alongside your online campaigns.

Marketing is crucial to the success of any business.  Marketing is also fiercely competitive and you need to take advantage of every tool at your disposal to get your message out there.  Event marketing is another tool, albeit a highly effective one, of getting in front of the right people.  Don’t overlook it as a significant part of your marketing plan.

Marketing Your Event Online

Marketing Your Event Online

There are tons of ways in which the internet has changed how business is done.  Some business exist only in the virtual world, like Facebook or Google for instance.  One of the biggest changes caused by the internet is in the world of marketing.  It has given businesses, large and small the ability to reach millions.  Having even one of your posts go viral can totally change your business.  If you want to market your next event then you need to master the power of the internet.

Online Platforms

The internet includes multiple platforms in which you can market your event.  Starting with email marketing, social media and even online ads can all bring awareness to the event.  Social media marketing is the relative new kid on the block but no less powerful for it.  It allows you to see the needs and desires of your target prospects so you can get in front of them, rather than just blasting a slogan everywhere.

The key to marketing on social media is creating shareable content.  Your content has to be in easily digested chunks with rich media accompanying your message that makes it easy for your audience to share on their own social accounts.  This is how things go viral.  The more organic shares you have the less you have to rely on paid traffic and online advertising.  Use a variety of platforms to get your message across, don’t just rely on Facebook for example.  While Facebook is still hands down the largest social media platform out there, the organic reach alone is terrible.  Cater your content to where your audience lives.  A professional event is best marketed on LinkedIn.  Millennials can be found on Instagram.

Local Community Marketing

Another way to bring attention to your event is to work with local community pages on the internet.  For example if you are marketing an event that is taking place in Boston then putting your message in front of locals makes sense.  Local communities are tight knit and share a common love of the place they live in.  This can help you build the right local connections that you need.  There are some great local groups on social media as well as online forums that allow you to bring your event in front of plenty of potential attendees.  You can drastically improve your attendance by tapping into this valuable online resource.

To promote your event then you will want to use every tool at your disposal.  The online world offers you plenty of opportunity to fill the event.